Thursday, February 25, 2016

As Julia's World Turns......

Anyone old enough (like me) to remember this soap opera? Image found here

A few days ago, I received an email from Sharon, who asked, "How is your mother doing? Please update us! And on your new knee!"

Happy to oblige, Sharon. I haven't provided dozens of updates previously because although the events in the past month are obviously vitally important to me, I hesitated to overload y'all with knee and Mom details. But since you asked, Sharon -- here's the latest.

Mom is currently in a residential rehab facility. It's brand spankin' new - only two years old - so she has her own attractive comfortable single room and bath. My family is confident in the skill levels of the staff, all of which is great. But Mom doesn't seem to be making a great deal of progress in recovering her motor skills, cognition, and memory. Which may make her less likely to qualify as an ongoing patient there since insurance coverage is dependent on measurable progress. I am heading back there in a few weeks to spend more time with Mom and my family to continue to problem solve her health and financial challenges. This is hard, gut wrenching work but I'm so glad that my siblings and I are drawn more closely together as we struggle over decisions.

I love these guys so much. I really do.

As for me, ah geez. First off, I am very happy with my new knee. My X-rays look great according to my surgeon, and my next appointment with him is scheduled for a whole year from now. The training wheels are off, knee physical therapy is over, and I'm so thankful that I came out on the other side of this surgery without a surgical infection and full range of motion in my joint. Even though I can expect some pain and swelling to occur for another six months or so, this is definitely a success story.


Now that my right leg is picture perfect straight thanks to a properly aligned knee, my back - accustomed to adjusting for a painfully crooked gait for the past year or so - doesn't seem to like dealing with a normal walking pattern. I had been eagerly waiting to give my new knee a real run for the money, but as my knee recovered, my back became more painful. Currently I'm not able to do a great deal of walking without pretty significant back pain. I was given prescription anti-inflammatory meds, muscle relaxants, and will begin a new round of back-oriented physical therapy sessions soon as well as ongoing assessments of my cranky spine.

So. That's what's happening with me right now. I have been reviewing a few of my older posts which desperately need updating and have been slowly working on them, so I promise a few more posts specifically Sjogren's syndrome focused in upcoming weeks.

How are you? What's happening in your lives?


Kate Stout said...

I wish the news were better, but am glad to hear the news never the less.

I hope the PT sorts your back out.

LM said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better and making some progress with your kness. Sorry to hear about the struggles you are facing with your Mom. You've been in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. I will pray for some progress for your Mom. I do have a question however. How are you doing with the Sleep Apnea. I was diagnosed with this as well, but I cannot imagine how one could ever sleep with all the apparatus they want you to wear, and I elected not to try it. Instead, I have just elevated my head a bunch, and am using breath right strips on my nose. I was just curious how that turned out for you.

Anita Rowe Stafford said...

Vickie -- I resisted the sleep apnea treatment at first, too, because of all the apparatus. When I gave in and tried it, I was hooked. I can't sleep without it now. I sleep so much better!