Friday, March 25, 2016

Cue the Bunny!

Lulu  and I want to wish y'all a happy Easter! Can you see her ears and eyebrows? She was being a real stinker about having her picture taken....

Life here is frantic. I've been dividing my time between Wisconsin and home; and to be truthful, while I'm here at home I've been thinking about Mom in Wisconsin. For those of you who have had to deal with a parent in a nursing home setting far from your home: any tips for how you deal with this? I'd prefer that she would be able to be in her own home, but her confusion and weakness make that very difficult.

My siblings and I looked at each other last weekend and asked, "Who put US in charge of the family now?" We all agreed that we still feel as though we were in college. Ah, but it's time to accept the responsibilities that come with a health challenged parent, so off we go....

Love you all. Enjoy the holiday.


Mystic Quilter said...

Only found your blog yesterday Julia when looking for an old online list for Sjogies!! Fantastic blog and I found the article by Teri on fatigue and writings from Sarah Schafer (she was on the mentioned list).
Obviously I have Sjogren's along with Lupus and possibly another autoimmune disorder plus numerous other health problems which I won't load you with. Main point in my writing is that I am so sorry about your Dad and now your Mum far away in a nursing home. I know something of how you feel - my Mum had to spend some time in a nursing home (in the U k but we are in New Zealand) mainly for cancer and shall we say - forgetfulness! I felt constant guilt and worry, when it was obvious she would not have much longer I was unable to go and be with her, I had torn the big gluteal muscle and they thought taken a bit of bone with it , plus had a herniated disk lower back. On crutches, couldn't sit and so on, I wasn't able to be with her. I didn't have to divide my time as you are doing but I think on the emotional side of things I have an insight into how you must be feeling. God Bless.

Marion said...

A blessed Easter to you and yours.

Nicole said...

Hi Julia,

Happy Easter to you and John!

I know that this is a challenging situation with your mom. I have watched my mom do something similar and also served as a respite caregiver for a woman whose daughter, her main caregiver, lived across the country. It is extremely challenging and there are difficult decisions to be made, for sure. My two cents is to make decisions based on the whole family (including you!) and not just on your mom. You will do fine!

I saw this article the other day. I thought they did a good job of covering the different areas for consideration:


annie said...

Hi Julia,

I've been missing from your comments section from quite some time....lots of stuff happening here at home. Just wanted to wish you and your family a very Happy Easter and hope you're all doing well, especially your sweet Mom.

Shara from Seattle said...

Why do you come back home right now? Just stay. Have you called Catholic Community Services? Or their church? I feel for you kiddo, I'd barf just having to get ready to fly, coming or going, just from the stress. Is it your health under threat from these trips? Then you need to stop going. Can mom talk or is she present at all? Who lives closest, who is unemployed and can stay? If someone could -if they could afford it - can the rest pitch in so they can? May the Lord be with you and yours this Easter and always, Shara.