Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Back to Taking Care of Business

While I was back in Wisconsin with my mom and sibs, one of my sisters asked me if I had any more major surgeries or life-changing events planned for the year ahead. Said tongue in cheek of course.

After whacking her with my purse, playfully of course, I told her that I didn't have anything like that penciled in on my calendar.

I certainly hope that the year ahead contains far fewer surprises. I'm glad that at least for the present, with Mom making slow but measurable progress in her recovery from her stroke, and my knee replacement getting an A+ from my surgeon at my last check up, life does seem to be settling down a bit for me.Which means that it's time to return my focus to taking care of business at home.

One business item in particular sits patiently on my bedside table, waiting for me to stop ignoring it and strap on that mask to return to the task of becoming acclimated to my BiPAP treatments for sleep apnea.


It's been prescribed  for me ever since late November. I dutifully used it nightly before my surgery, but refused to wear it while I was dealing with the initial few weeks of post operative pain. And after Dad died, quickly followed by Mom's stroke, I decided not to take my machine with me during my trips to Wisconsin. I just didn't want to deal with it seeing as I had so many other issues at the time.

Ah, but now I'm back home and it's time to just get on with things like exercising regularly, attempting to eat more healthy foods, and using my BiPAP machine. (What's BiPAP? It's similar to CPAP therapy. Read this.)

My resolve to just put the stupid mask on -- which is a teensy little thing that only goes into my nostrils -- check it out:

......was spurred on when I received an email that contained a link to ZDogg MD's hilarious Snore YouTube video:

I'm thinking that even though I was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea, there is NO WAY that I snore as badly as Dogg MD, right John? John? John?  What do you mean you can't hear me because you still have your earplugs in from last night?

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