Monday, January 18, 2016

There's got to be a way to do this.

We were heading down the hill towards church on Sunday and had only gone a few blocks when I knew that there was zero chance that I would last all the way through the service. I was already drenched in sweat and hadn't even walked through the front door. So I told John to turn around and drop me off at home, and then he could zip down to Mass.

At least one of us would make it.

After returning home and settling myself into my recliner, and allowing myself a brief mental tantrum, my thoughts turned to problem solving mode. Because there simply must be a way to avoid my Sunday morning crash and burn episodes, I reasoned.

I was perplexed as to why SUNDAYS? Why church? There were lots of other events that I can get myself to on other days of the week with a measure of success -- like medical appointments. Blech. This seemed so illogical that I could muster up energy to be poked, prodded, prescribed more pills and pay big bucks in a doctor's office, but my reserves seemed to evaporate when going to see my friends to pray and sing together in a spirituality joyful and uplifting hour.


I wonder if the reason that Sunday mornings are so hard is because we usually try to do some fun things on Friday evenings and during the day on Saturdays. Guess it only makes sense that by Sunday I'd be dragging. And while the other weekend events are sweatshirt/jeans/no makeup type events, I usually try to spiff up just a little bit for church. Sometimes I even shower. And of course all of that takes energy which I've already spent earlier. So the logical solution would be to cut back on other activities on Friday and Saturday.


Wah. Wah wah wah.

After John came home I asked him if he thought anyone would notice if I attended Mass in my jammies. Because I could get out of bed, brush my teeth, run a comb through my hair, and then just GO. Simple and requiring a minimum of energy, right? John just humored me by laughing skeptically.

Maybe I should modify a strategy that I used in college: if my friends and I wanted to go out on the town on the night before we needed to be up extra early for our classes spent on the hospital units the next day, after our carousing when I returned to the dorm in the wee hours, I would put on everything that went under my student nurse uniform: my white pantyhose, a slip, and a bra, and hop into bed for a few hours sleep. Then when my alarm clock went off all I had to do was throw my white uniform on over the top of everything, lace up my shoes, plop my nursing cap on my head and I was off.

Oh my gosh. I used to wear this exact model of shoe for years and years. Found on eBay, here

Wonder what I would look like rolling into church next Sunday if I slept in dress pants and a sweater on Saturday night? Then after getting out of bed, all I'd need is my shoes and a comb through my hair.

I may have to experiment. I'll keep y'all posted.


Shara from Seattle said...

Reminds me of when I worked two jobs, in the morning an 8 hr shift with the Seattle School district as a gardener and then I'd go to a bartender job. Some nights I only had four hours of sleep. I was the best looking landscaper you ever saw. At night, in full makeup, hair plastered in aqua net I'd just lay down with my hands folded across my chest like you see in vampire movies. The next morning, I'd brush my teeth, fluff my hair and put on my steel toed boots. Oh to have that energy again right? Maybe you can ask the church to skype the service.

LM said...

Seems reasonable to me. :)
I don't think God cares what you're wearing, however your fellow parishioners might. I understand this frustration. We just want to do the important things and we've given up so much and tried to prioritize already. Grrr...

stephanie said...

I've been feeling that way. I've had a flare of fatigue, etc., and haven't gone to church in two weeks. I even missed 2 days of work. Work and home. Work and home. Work and home. Too tired to do anything else or go anywhere else. I think today I might be getting more energy, though, so YEAH! This is why I overdo things when I'm feeling good: because I CAN! XOXOXO

Unknown said...

I know several very busy Moms who let their little ones sleep in their Sunday duds the night before. I think a few wrinkles are more than made up for by the joy and love you experience in Mass.

Nicole said...

You can totally do that! Just get yourself some Sunday-worthy clothes that do not wrinkle. Since I have to be up early every day to teach I always shower at night, and only wash my hair 3 times a week. Dry shampoo is a good thing along with a few pin curls on the top of my head that I can just let down in the morning. The kids have even asked me what I do to my hair! ;)

Sue said...

Maybe attend a Saturday Mass instead? Then you could just sleep in on Sunday. We have a 5pm Mass on Saturdays.

Tana said...

I have the same problem with Sundays and making it to church. I'm also trying to figure out why it's so hard for me. I am so frustrated and I hate that my hubby has to go alone so often. A couple of weeks ago, I pushed myself and went to church despite "that feeling." I took a pain pill before I left hoping that would stave things off. Less than an hour in, I had to get up and "run" out, nearly falling in the aisle, with my husband trailing with my coat and purse. My pain level had escalated to the point I thought I would throw up. Not the first time that has happened. Luckily I didn't barf in the bushes just outside the door this time. The freezing cold air helped me out this time. I'm sure you're right about pushing myself on the weekend. There always seem to be so many fun things to do with family and friends, not to mention the obligatory errands. You laugh about getting dressed before bed, but I've found that if I shower, wash and fix my hair and lay out my clothes the night before so that I just have to pull them on and slap a little makeup on, I have a better shot at making it to church and lasting a while at least. It just makes me so sad :( I love church. I played the organ for 30 years and I hate this! I can't even sing now either with my dry ruined vocal cords. I have one other theory and that is the fluorescent lights. At my church, the lights are unfiltered fluorescents and I can tell you that it definitely makes me sicker the longer I sit under them. I slather on the sunscreen and wear long sleeves, but those lights are really brutal. I hope you can have some better success as well. God bless.