Friday, January 22, 2016


I have been avoiding most dairy products for almost two years. And for this farm girl, it's been a real challenge especially since it seems that lactose isn't the problem for me; products such as Lactaid don't help at all. I'm OK with butter, and little bits that go in to cooking things, but to eat ice cream? Or drink a glass of milk straight up?

Wouldn't be prudent.

But I keep thinking about what I had read on a few forums -- that for some people, giving their gut a rest from foods that they don't tolerate (not to be confused with food that cause an allergic reaction -- I'm just intolerant) after a period of time they can successfully reintroduce that food gradually back into their diet. So last week I was tempted to try some cream cheese, which I did. Spread with jam on a warm toasted bagel....mmmm. And buoyed by my successful tolerance, Thursday night I decided to aggressively step over the dairy line in the sand by gobbling up cheesy bread and marinara sauce. It wasn't something that I just happened to encounter, but rather was ordered specifically from a pizza joint. And it was delicious.

Even though this was amazingly tasty, now just looking at all that cheese makes me queasy. Image found here

Y'all know what's coming next, don't you? Of course you do.

Yes. a 12 hour dairy disaster.


So I'm guessing that: A) Eating half of a good sized pan of cheesy bread did not qualify as a gradual dairy dietary reintroduction.

Or: B) That eating dairy in large quantities is just not going to be a good thing for my innards.

Bummer. I was thinking of moving on to REAL ice cream next.........guess not.


Shara from Seattle said...

It's the marinara in the pizza for me. A Low acid diet helps me a bunch. said...

I hear you Julia. I had to go gluten, dairy and yeast free a year ago (on top of all my dietary restrictions due to migraines.) It is boring to say the least, but it does help me.

Kate Stout said...

On cheese, it also depends on the type of cheese. I have dairy issues too. I can usually eat hard cheeses like cheddar or swiss, but am more likely to have problems with softer cheeses like cream cheese or brie.

All in moderation (boring, I know), and not at all if my gut is already unhappy.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it is the quality of the dairy you are reintroducing.

If you try again, perhaps try a simple dairy product like grass fed yogurt, or kefir.

Could have been the grease in the cheesy bread or the sugar and white carbs with the cream cheese.

Anonymous said...

I'm late to this post but had something different to contribute. I learned 15 years ago that I had to eliminate most dairy; in particular cows milk, to get rid of gas, bloating, and cramping. I felt better almost immediately including less fatigue. A couple of years ago, a Naturopath had me tested and I learned it was the protein casein that my body can't digest. Not a lactose intolerance. After all these years I can eat the occasional pizza, hard cheese snack, and store bought frosting's. But still can't tolerate drinking milk, dishes made with cream like Al Fredo Sauce, goat cheese, brie, or ice cream. Instant problems.There doesn't seem to be a rhyme or reason to it.