Monday, January 25, 2016

I Have a Quest

iPhone wallpaper found here. Mom needs this on her phone. 

Wednesday I will be packing my bags and boarding an airplane yet again; this trip as unexpected as my last. My mom, a teensy little 82 year old, has been running herself ragged since my dad's funeral. She's a breast cancer survivor, has early Parkinson's disease, Graves disease, is hypertensive, and had a five graft heart bypass surgery in the past, yet until this week looked remarkably healthy.

I suspected that Mom has not been taking good care of herself lately, and that's understandable given the circumstances and the huge list of things to take care of since Dad's passing. But she wore herself down, got this year's brand of influenza, and put herself right into the hospital with dehydration and atrial fibrillation. So I'm heading over to hang out with her for a week or so just to make sure that when she is discharged, she behaves herself.

Making my mother do anything she doesn't want to do? This will be a formidable task. Wish me luck.


Marion said...

These challenges make us stronger. Do take care of yourself too. Thoughts and prayers are with you and your mom.

Kate Stout said...

I say this with a smile. I wonder where you get your tenacity, and your tendency to just keep doing things? Best of luck and hope that your mom can learn a bit about spoon theory.