Tuesday, December 1, 2015

It Actually Was Wonderful

Some people really rock Thanksgiving accessories. 

In looking back over the last week's posts, I've realized that the overall tone of my discussions has been rather muted at best and just plain whiney at worst. I've ripped off whatever I had been thinking at the moment and usually wrote those posts at the end of days that had high energy requirements.

Gosh. What a whiney-butt I've been.

What I forgot to include in those posts are the wonderful heart warming times that accompany the holidays at my house. I've shared with y'all before how much I enjoy filling my house to the rafters with people I love and great food. And once again, that's exactly how our Thanksgiving played out this year.

My favorite moment of the entire four day weekend was over dinner; when 24 lovely people sat around festively decorated tables and shared a meal; it's my favorite time not so much due to the food although it was excellent, but rather the wonderful rumble of two dozen voices speaking with some measure of authentic happiness. I slipped away to our foyer just after dinner began, sat on the bottom step of our stairs, and grinned ear to ear as I simply listened with my eyes closed. Happy voices in my home is a wonderful sound. One I hope I never forget to revisit all year round, not just at the holidays.

Second favorite? Watching the group engage in a game. One that everyone regardless of age can take part. This year, Terese had to devise our annual Turkey Trophy game. We laughed as she told us that there would be no pie until AFTER the trophy had been won and awarded.

Third? (It's hard to assign rankings. Actually, they are all my favorite times). There's those inevitable times when I need to excuse myself from the party and grab a quick nap. The need for rest isn't gratifying, but while I'm waiting to fall asleep, hearing how the gathering has a life of it's own and can continue on regardless of where I am is delightful.

Every year, when I read or hear stories of families that can not gather for a holiday without some kind of conflict or nastiness coming to light. I find this so sad.....  I know that the day may come when our family and friends may have difficult relationships of some kind, but at this point our gatherings have been delightful, each in it's own way. I don't know how or why we've managed this, but for whatever cause or reason, I thank God. It's such a blessing to be surrounded by those that we truly love and cherish.

So I have to apologize if I've given anyone the impression that I haven't had a happy Thanksgiving. Yes, I've struggled this year with a bit more pain and fatigue than usual. But a house full of fantastic people goes a long way towards making it all far more bearable.

Thanks, my family and friends.

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