Thursday, July 2, 2015

Sometimes all you have to do is ask.

I had a busy day yesterday. After multiple appointments at my clinic, lab, x-ray, and pharmacy I was pooped, but rather reluctantly headed over to the grocery store since I knew that if I didn't buy supper makings - there would be no supper at our house. As I walked into the store, I spotted a motorized shopping cart, plopped myself onto the seat, and promised myself that I wouldn't purposefully go too fast or tip any displays over.

Remarkably, I DIDN'T. Can you believe it?

So I scooted my way through the store thinking very nice thoughts about whoever invented these energy saving things and filled up my shopping basket. I headed to the check outs, and as I looked at the impressive stack of stuff in the basket remembered that this was one of those places that required you to bag and haul your own groceries.

Drat. Wah wah wah! I don't waaaaannnnnaaaaaa bag and schlep my own groceries! I said to no one in particular. And then threw the stuff in a bunch of paper shopping bags and tossed all of my newly bagged supper makings back into the putt putt cart. I rolled (Notice I didn't describe my speed as zooming?) out of the store wondering what the heck I was thinking when I bought three huge cans of tomatoes and a half gallon of almond milk and all of the other heavy junk valuable pantry basics; since I wasn't looking forward to dragging them out of the putt putt cart and putting them into the car.  As I came through the automatic exit doors, I noticed a couple of tweens sitting on the sidewalk obviously waiting for someone to finish shopping. They were such cutie pies, but so typical of that age when to appear anything but bored is just not cool. So they sat with their phones scrolling and tapping and reading and trying to look older than they were.

I thought they were just adorable. It also occurred to me that they looked really healthy, strong, and needed something productive to do.

How fortuitous.

Hi girls! I said brightly as I rolled to a stop directly in front of them. Would you guys do me a huge favor?

They looked at each other in disbelief. Was this strange woman talking to THEM?

I waited expectantly for their answer while trying to perfect my 'friendly but pathetic' look and after a few seconds, one of them warily asked me what kind of help I needed. I told them that I would appreciate some assistance in loading my groceries into my car and getting my putt putt cart back inside the store. Would they be willing to do that?

They jumped up quickly, all smiles, and followed me and my cart over to the car. The groceries were stowed with much giggling, and then the inevitable argument followed regarding which of them was going to drive the cart back.

All right, now people. I cautioned. No speeding, no picking up hitchhikers, and no long road trips with this thing, ok?

I don't think they heard me as they both piled onto the thing and went careening crazily across the parking lot, laughing gleefully. I would guess that the girls and the cart eventually ended up inside the least they were heading in the right direction as I started the car and pulled out of the parking lot.

I was all smiles as I drove home. I guess there's all kinds of strategies to conserve energy.

Lulu was exhausted yesterday too. She had to be petted.....

and have her ears scratched.....

and endure adoration. It was rough.

So we both took a much-deserved nap. 

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