Wednesday, July 1, 2015

I'm Not Liking This

So one of the many really great things about writing a blog is that I get to totally control the content. And unsuspecting readers that pull up my page get an eyeful of whatever I want to send their way.

So when I ask, Wanna see something really GROSS? it's actually too late because the huge picture on my page cannot be unseen. Like this:



My problem tooth which already required a root canal developed a nasty pustule probably due to a "vertical fracture" which is proving to be painful, expensive, and a real problem.

Hey. Y'all should know by now that topics discussed on Reasonably Well can get gruesome.


Heda said...

Ouch! That does look painful. Clove oil might give some topical relief. Take care.

Laura said...

Owwie. :( I'm sorry you're having to deal with this.

mcspires said...

YUCK! Hope they get you fixed up real quick. Sjs is just plain ugly!