Friday, June 19, 2015

There's FUN and then there's fun....

Yesterday, I celebrated my birthday. Most of it was great and included flowers, gifts, and CAKE.

But my new leg brace that arrived yesterday was not so great. It's bulky, and not particularly comfortable. But I'll give it a shot.

Tonight, I get a MRI of my pelvis and hips. Woo hoo.

It's always a party around here.


mcspires said...

Happy Birthday Julia! My birthday was Sunday, and there was cake for me, too!! Hope all goes well with your MRI!

LM said...

That sounds like the sort of party that goes on around here, too...GI visit today, TMJ splint and Cardio visit yesterday.
That cake makes all right in the world, though.
Looks delicious!

Happy Birthday!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Julia! Lulu is always such a cutie too. :)

Amy Junod said...

Happy Birthday!