Saturday, June 20, 2015

I Refuse to Even Consider This

My right hip had just darned well NOT look like this. Just sayin'. Image found here

Sometimes, instead of one big 'ol catastrophic things; it's a whole bunch of little things that when put all together make me downright cranky.

Ever feel that way?

I'm wearing a new knee brace which is only making my knee more sore at this point, and my weirdo knee is making my hip more irritated and achey. And it's too soon to get my hip injected so Dr. Young Guy referred me to another physician who ordered a bunch more imaging tests of my hips; one of which included a MRI which takes place in a big noisy TUBE which makes some people claustrophobic but of course I told them I WASN'T claustrophobic which meant that about halfway through the procedure I became claustrophobic but thankfully held it together long enough to finish the test.

Got all that?

I'll bet y'all are cranky after having to try to make sense of this post, aren't you?

I get the results of my MRI probably on Wednesday or so. One of the potential diagnosis is a sacral insufficiency fracture which to be honest, is the biggest reason of all for my crankiness. I find it hard to believe that I could be walking around for the past two weeks with a fractured sacrum, but I'm not the doctor, obviously. So what could cranky old me possibly know?

I'll keep y'all posted. After I take my grumpy self off to bed for a good night's sleep.


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Laura said...

Hope you are right and that's not what it is. Also hope you get some form of useful answer....