Thursday, June 4, 2015

Thank You For Your Wisdom

Dear readers:

You are amazing people. Your eloquence in sharing your hard-won wisdom in dealing with our disease constantly inspires me. My "The Hard, Cold Reality" post prompted excellent comments. I've included excerpts of a few here, but head over to read all of the invaluable contributions to my post: 

....We go on, savor the sweetness, deal with the challenges and go walk the dog. It is what it is.

....the cold, hard reality DOES hurt. However, I'd rather know the truth and know what I'm up against. Pretending otherwise doesn't help my situation. Shoot me some straight talk. I appreciate it. Now...I think a donut or chocolate cake might be necessary for today. Or maybe both? :)

.... Acceptance does not mean giving up or giving in. For me it has meant letting go of my idea of what used to be, and embracing who I am right now, today, this minute. For so many reasons, this disease has been my best teacher. I'm not always a willing student though and do need to be sent to the principal's office from time to time! Thankfully my parents have never been called in for a meeting. Yet!

....It's a daily workout for me to accept the increasing dysfunction of my body and not resist it. Because when I resist it all gets worse. 

....My goal is to be grateful for each good day, the fact that lately they outweigh the bad is a bonus. Most days, Life Is Good.

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