Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Now That's Real Romance

John and I celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary on the seventh of this month.

Woo hoo!

We had planned to spend it out at the coast just watching the waves roll in which sounded fantastic until I started looking around at hotels with oceanfront rooms that allowed dogs AND fit our budget. If I would have thought to start searching a few weeks earlier, it would have been a snap, but only two weeks away during the summer months?

Er. Not a good idea. Drat. Suddenly our relaxing weekend started to sound problematic and very expensive which prompted a conversation that went something like this:

Me: Hey, honey? It's been a real pain finding a nice place for our anniversary.

John: Bummer. .::HONK:. Poor guy was dealing with a nasty sinus infection.

Me: And you're feeling crummy.

John: Sure am...

Me: Well. I have an idea.

John: .::Looks warily in my direction::.

I couldn't imagine why he would be skeptical of my ideas. Pfffft.

Me: So. What if we take the money that we had planned to spend on the weekend, and get that recliner that we've been talking about buying? Is that brilliant, or WHAT? And then we could go out to our favorite place for dinner on the seventh?

John: Hmm. Before I answer that, I need to know more about how much you THINK we would have been spending on the weekend.

I did some quick mental math, and told him. After which he broke into a smile and told me that yes, my idea was indeed brilliant.

The next morning, Terese and I hit the recliner shopping trail bright and early.

Terese is an expert recliner tester.

Yep. She and I picked a real winner. Just ask John.

Last night, after John unloaded the big cardboard box from the SUV and lugged the thing into the house, we both put our feet up in our recliners; me in my usual and John taking our anniversary recliner on a test drive.

Ahhhhh. Comfy.

"Happy anniversary, Babe."

Happy anniversary to you too, Honey. 

Aren't we just a couple of lovestruck kids?


Sue said...

Happy Anniversary. Enjoy your recliner.

LM said...

Happy Anniversary! Sounds like us. A few years ago we bought a new water heater and a dishwasher. So romantic. :)

Enjoy that recliner.