Friday, May 8, 2015

What? I'm supposed to just look at everything? And not photodocument it all??

I'm going through camera withdrawal, really I am.

Since inadvertantly trashing two day's worth of vacation pictures, my Canon has been tucked away into John's suitcase awaiting our return to home and the potential for John to safely retrieve the missing files from my camera's card. In the meantime, I'm not allowed to even look at the thing.


Yes, I still have the camera on my phone, but as anyone who has developed a relationship with  a REAL camera, (Developed? See what I did there?) we alll know that punching a phone button is a poor and unsatisfying substitute for hitting the shutter button, feeling that snap and hearing the unmistakeable sound of a genuine shutter closing.

Oh, man. This is so hard. Sob.

We've been barrelling along the freeway in sunny weather past gorgeous mountains, lakes, rivers, and even some wild animals -- like GOATS -- and all I can do is futilely and reflexively tap my right index finger against a button that isn't there. This is torture, people.

It's been suggested that I need a camera plushie to hang on to; or that I need some blinders; or even worse - that in order to put me out of my photo taking deprivation, it may be best to treat me like a parrot that needs it's cage covered with a pillowcase before going to sleep.

This is all probably true.

Which doesn't make it any easier.

Greg? and Terese? I love you guys like family, but without my camera sitting in my lap, road trips with John and y'all just aren't the same.....


Laura said...

Wait, you didn't stop and buy a new cheap card to keep taking photos with? Depending on how long you have left on this trip, you might consider that. They don't run too much, and you could set the current card safely aside - outside the camera - so as not to change anything on it.

mcspires said...

I am anxious to hear if your hubby is able to rescue your pics. Keep us posted!!