Sunday, May 10, 2015

I Know What We Have

Yup, I do.

Our friendship with Terese and Greg is a rare thing. Although I try never to take these two special people for granted, still on days like yesterday the uniqueness of our relationship is unmistakable.

Why yesterday?

Because as we were unpacking our car after spending nine days with each other, I really missed the idea of us not all having breakfast together.


Oh, hey. It's great to be back in our own house and into our routine again, just John and Lulu and I, but the fact that we didn't all climb out of the car thinking, "Thank GAWD that's over," is pretty significant.

Well, at least I didn't feel that way. I can't speak for the others. But the feeling is mutual, right guys?

Um, guys? RIGHT, GUYS?

Wonder where our adventures will take us next? With our latest outing, we've set the bar really high for cool John Julia/Terese Greg travel destinations.

Terese's feet are so much more tan than mine.  

Yes. We have matching sun hats. Not that Terese wants to be seen in hers.

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