Saturday, May 16, 2015

Put it on a Poster

After last week's road trip, I came home feeling pretty optimistic about my energy coping tactics. We rolled into town on Saturday, my travel adrenaline rush kept me going until Sunday (isn't that the weirdest thing how one can go from such a high to such a low??) and I crashed on Monday, right on schedule. I've been pretty good about resting and pacing myself this week and easing myself back into some kind of post Sjogren's normalcy, and I have to admit I felt pretty smug after doing a little grocery shopping and housework.

Then yesterday I got all cocky and decided to haul some empty decor boxes down from the attic. I grabbed a few dirty towels and a half-empty cup of cold coffee along the way because loading my arms right up to my eyebrows with lots of bulky items seemed like a good idea at the time, headed down the staircase and promptly fell down the last few carpeted stairs onto the hardwood floor.

I sat there in a puddle of coffee counting my lucky stars that overall I was fine. I also thought about what a dumb stupid thing I had done and that it could have turned out much worse.

The very familiar and all too appropriate phrase, Pride Goeth Before a Fall also came to mind. Yet again. It would be interesting to do some kind of search on Reasonably Well to see how many times I've typed THOSE EXACT WORDS in response to some dumb stupid thing that I've done simply because I was certain that I could rely on some skills that I no longer have.

Hey. I need someone to print some version of that adage on about a dozen posters and wallpaper my house with them. This one's a goodie:

Gee. I can buy a whole bunch of these here

Golly. Does that imply that I should have a free hand to actually HOLD the handrail? Might be worth pondering...

So this purple one should probably get hung out in the garage right at the spot where I lose either my footing or a half gallon of almond milk because I've grabbed far too many grocery bags on my way from the car to the kitchen.

found on Pinterest

Actually, this one is my favorite. I think I'm hopeless:

found here. 


Laura said...

The lions are precious! Glad you're okay. :)

For the grocery bags - use a big padded-grip carabiner if you can handle the weight. You can get 2-6 plastic bags on one of those, depending on your tolerance for weight, and still have a hand free.

Or make multiple trips. No, not that kind of trip, the back-and-forth kind! ;)

Amy Junod said...

I am very glad that you are ok!

acergal1 said...

I'm counting my lucky stars
cause heaven heard
me cry
and saw the tears
I shed
and lead me to your

if heaven
heard me right
and true loves really

then I'm am here
with you
and true love is
really true
for me and you

Author Maria Theresa Ann