Friday, May 15, 2015

Sir. Just put them into my car immediately....

I was too busy petting to snap a picture. But they looked exactly like this these two found here. 

I just have to share an incident during which the potential for a double goat-napping was huge.

Yesterday, after yet another entertaining visit at Bev's house, I rounded one of the many corners in her neighborhood. I slowed my car almost to a crawl since I could see what looked like a couple of energetic black and white dogs prancing around in the road directly ahead. As I got closer, it became apparent that these were not dogs - but knee-high bouncy BEBEH GOATS. To use Cute Overload vernacular.

It was obvious that this pair of cloven hoofed cuties was running amok since a nearby barn door stood wide open. The owner was sweating heavily as he attempted to shoo them back to the barn with absolutely no success.

I stopped the car, not wanting to be the cause of a bebeh goat fatality. Besides, this was great fun to watch. The poor guy was alternately wheedling and yelling crossly at the sproinging little guys, and of course like kids of any species, they completely ignored him. He finally stopped dead in his tracks, and began running in the complete opposite direction that the goats were going. They trotted to a stop, looked at each other, then back at the owner and began to chase after him like crazy.

Pretty smart guy, I thought. And it turns out that he was: as soon as the two got within arms reach, he turned around and snagged them, sticking one under each arm. Once I was sure that their escape antics were safely over, I cruised over to the owner who was doggedly making his way back home and rolled down my car window.

CUTTTTEEEEEEEE! I squealed. I couldn't stand myself because those two babies were just about the most irresistible things I had seen in years.

He stopped and shoved the pair towards my car. "Want 'em?!" he laughed.

Oh, hey. Don't tempt me. How old?

"Six weeks. Six looooooong weeks!"

Can I pet one?

"Oh, sure. They're friendly."

And they were. They bleated absolutely adorably as they swung from the owner's arms. I stroked their sweet little faces and wished more than anything that I could have a couple of BEBEH GOATS all of my own.

Then realized that if push came to shove - it would either be John or the goats in my life since John has made it abundantly clear that a goat would not ever be living on any property of his. I decided that even though I loved those two little critters, I liked John better.

I reluctantly gave the pair a final pat, thanked the heavily perspiring owner, and rolled along the road towards home. Sigh.

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