Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Vivre avec le syndrome de Sjogren: #Hospitalglam

Is this beautiful feline used in your blog header your kitty, Jazzcat?

Jazzcat, authoress  of Vivre avec le syndrome de Sjogren - A Sjogren Life, has brought an interesting confidence-boosting project to her readers' attention: the Tumblr account #Hospitalglam. The talented Jazzcat publishes her blog in both French and English.
I would like to speak about the #hospitalglam hashtag on Twitter and Instagram lately. 
It's Karolyn Gehrig who start it, a young women, with an autoimmune disease. She started to take pictures of herself when she had hospital appointments, with the #hospitalglam tag. 
The idea is to create an arstitic time in the hospital, to help feel less afraid, to fight back in a certain way. 
She has a Tumblr, where she post her picture and also those from other people who don't have an account. And she invit everyone to use this tag. 
You can find her on twitter, and instagram
Jazzcat has offered to post readers' pictures who do not have a twitter or instagram account:
What I like about this is that know I'm less frightened about my next appointment, I'm going to hospital 3 or 4 time a year, and I hate that. But this time, for my next visit, a little part of me is thinking "how can a take a picture?", it helps me think about something else. (and come people ask professional in the hospital to help them for th epicture, I found that really fun). 
So, discover this movement, and if some people here don't have twitter/instagram account, send picture, I will post them here, and off course I will share mine.
To share your glamorous selfie with Jazzcat and the #hospitalglam, you can leave a comment on her blog located here. Great project.

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Anonymous said...


Sorry I didn't see you share this post before,thanks a lot.
Yes the white Kitty in my profile is one of my cat, when she was much younger, she's now an old lady of 12 years old. And the other cat in the post is my second cat, my 14 years old big cat.

Thanks again for the share !