Monday, February 23, 2015

Spring Haircuts

Ahh. Spring. The time of new growth, the occasional blue skies, and the sound of John's chainsaw on a stick. As he begins his annual whacking with abandon judicious pruning of vegetation in our back yard.

I have to confess that although I have great fun in teasing him, specifically about the infamous 2009 incident in which he and Greg took a full-size chainsaw to my hydrangea, (Wow. Has it really been that long ago?) this year I actually asked for him to give said hydrangea a major haircut.  He wasted no time and seemed to relish chopping the thing down to below knee level.

It really did need it. I pulled out a zillion completely dead canes even after he trimmed it. Actually I think the last time it was throughly pruned was in the aforementioned event. Of which both John and Greg continually remind me because after that chainsaw massacre pruning, the thing did put out spectacular foliage. They insist that I have never exhibited acceptable levels of gratitude for their horticultural skills.


But I'm prepared for the John and Greg backlash after I humbly asked for a repeat bush haircut. It's worth swallowing my pride, I think, to enjoy the beautiful blooms that will follow.  Yes guys, I'm thankful. But grateful enough to apologize for my over-the-top response in 2009?


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