Monday, January 19, 2015

UII:What's it All About, Anyway

Jennifer Pettit, sjoggie and author of the blog UII - Understanding Invisible Illnesses has written an excellent powerful post.

Jennifer and her husband are a vibrant young couple immersed in the usual challenges for those in their age group: education, jobs, and looking to start their family. What's unusual, however, is that autoimmune disease has made many if not all of these challenges even more difficult to overcome.

Read this, then go read the post in its entirety:

We have a lot of expectations in (and of) this life.   
For many of us, those expectations include having kids and building a family.   
Obviously, this has been a topic of great importance to me lately, for at least the last 20 months of trying to conceive at a minimum.  At the outset, I had some pretty basic expectations of the stages involved, and what choices or options or components there might be with each one. 
This is your first glimpse into how my brain works, isn't it.  Yes, I think in flowcharts, lists, and graphics - so what ;) ..... continue reading here

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