Tuesday, January 20, 2015

So What's Going on Now?

This one's my favorite. 


I'm frustrated. I've dumped over yet another glass of water from my nightstand. Luckily this time there were no electronics in the splash range and the only cost to me was a few minutes of lost sleep as I stumbled over to the linen closet for a towel to mop up the mess.

I've tried using all kinds of sippy cups which are useful in avoiding the spill factor, but not the clumsiness one; resulting in me scrambling from bed to retrieve the cup as it bounces and rolls after I whap it off the table.

I'm concerned about two things one being the obvious: that I'll eventually fry my phone as it is always placed next to my water glass at night. The second is concern that I seem to be knocking things over more frequently these days and feeling more clumsy in general.

I drop things. My hands wobble when I try to eat things. I've always been prone to goobering food down my front as I eat, but I seem to be getting worse. As I walk down hallways, more often than not I'll hit first one side of the corridor then the other like a bumper car.

I'm thinking that this is something that I need to discuss with my doctor. Is it the result of some new medications that have been added to my regime? Is this caused by my disease? Or is it just the way I am?

I'll keep y'all posted.

Are YOU wobbly?


Nicole said...

I am wobbly. I don't dare keep a glass of water next to my bed! Always a waterbottle. I don't goober but I do the hallway bumper action. Maybe it is due to POTS. I am also suspicious of an inner-ear thing, though, for me. Sometimes when I tip or turn my head suddenly I get dizzy. I don't really have answers and wasn't too worried about it. Maybe I should be! Let us know if you find any answers.

Julie said...

I'm definitely wobbly. It does not matter the time of day or what I'm doing, suddenly I'm bumping along the wall or grabbing something to stabilize myself. Please share your findings so I can make my doctors crazy with something else.

Anonymous said...

I was very wobbly and dizzy before I was put on Humira for my autoimmune arthritis and Crohn's. Now I only occasionally have these spells. I attribute mine to inflammation running amok.

Shara from Seattle said...

Seattle Shara here, yes, yes and yes. I fell yesterday from a squatting position. I was digging around for hypos at the bottom of the linen closet. The floor in there is stone like tile and I twisted around while I fell because I didn't want to crack my elbow. I had been so proud of myself, what are people talking about I never exercise my body, look at me. This is the third fall in the last four months. I found out that I shrunk an inch or so on one side so I'm usually falling over to my left. I am in some kind of flare. I got two steroid shot's and they aren't working.

Jenny P said...

Girl. Contigo autoseal - either the water bottle itself or the insulated travel mug (I prefer the latter). Nothing to grope with in the dark but spill proof. I used to throw mine in my purse.

Annette said...

I got a very cute little meant for a toddler style cup. Nothing comes out unless you suck on it. I would never take it out of the house, but last time I had an op and was stuck in bed it was great for now and then when you desperately need a few sips.

Heda said...

Ditto to all above. Plus my voice goes at unexpected intervals. Oh and did I mention the #%^*! paroxysmal cough that comes without warning in the most unexpected and public circumstances. But hey I'm good in my mind and I'm still working and hoping against hope that the disease doesn't progress.

jloblow said...

I have given up at trying to keep it by the bed. Mine is on a table near my bed it does cause me to sit up but I am more steady the light nite in the dressing alcove also provides enough light.