Monday, January 5, 2015

The Biscuit That Never Ends

Right about this time of year, EVERY year, I find myself thinking, "Whoa. After all those Christmas goodies I'm just really sick of food. Any kind of food." John told me he agrees.

How about you?

Of course the exception is disgustingly healthy-eating Terese and Company; who let slip that this year they didn't have even one Christmas cookie in their house.

(That's crazy talk, if you ask me. But then she's probably not feeling as bloated as I am these days.)

So we all went out for brunch after church yesterday with the idea of eating a light meal. The problem was we didn't realize that the restaurant we had chosen was famous for it's generous portions. John ordered a - thinking singular and thus small - biscuit and gravy. This is what he got:

That, folks, is their idea of one biscuit. I can't imagine what his plate would have looked like had he ordered two.

Um. I think we'll try eating light tomorrow.


Sue said...

Happy New Year! I suppose you could just not eat all of that? If I go out for lunch with my best friend, I'll order a pasta dish with a salad. I eat about half the pasta and all the salad and bring the rest of the pasta home. One of the kids will reheat the left overs for dinner. Restaurants need to get a handle on portion size. Not everyone can eat like a quarter back.

Amy Junod said...

I can't wait to show this to David. He LOVES biscuits and gravy. This place will be on his bucket list for sure.

mcspires said...

I did not know biscuits could come in a loaf, LOL!