Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Medpage Today: Docs, Shut Up (Also, Your Tweets Stink)

If you're reading this post, I'm assuming that you are one of those folks that enjoy perusing health blogs directed at patients, am I right?

Or alternately, you're a crazy person that enjoys reading blather about Schnauzers and Titanic sized biscuits. Bless your hearts.

Have you ever wondered what types of media that physicians read? Here's an interesting article from MedPage Today that contains links to a plethora of topics aimed at health care providers. I love the title: Docs, Shut Up (Also, Your Tweets Stink). Here's a smidgen of links from the post, but head over there to read it all. Happy clicking:
"Doctor, shut up and listen," says the chief medical officer of a health system. 
Doctors' tweets from conferences aren't very accurate, according to a small study. 
One urologist is challenging women to get the men in their lives to test their PSA and testosterone levels. Former hospital CEO Paul Levy calls this a "tactic worthy of used car salesmen." 
Doctors in Africa are divided over whether patients there infected with Ebola should receive IV hydration, The New York Times reports.

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Kelly said...

I guess I'm now in the enjoys reading about Titanic Biscuits column since I got my un-diagnosis on Sjogren's from the clinic in San Francisco last summer. That is more like a biscuit loaf for a family of 4 than an actual biscuit. Crazy.