Wednesday, January 14, 2015

One Thing: Part Two

Over the holidays, our friend Matt reviewed with me the various manual setting on my Canon. He's a very good photographer and I'm in serious envy of his awesome skills. Our discussion reminded me of the enjoyment I get from goofing around with Canon and as mentioned in an earlier post, how much I love taking pictures of ONE thing. So here's some more.

One tunnel. Reminds me of the Twilight Zone. 

One blackbird.

One car on one awesomely beautiful road.

One.....will someone please tell me what this one clump of plants is? Are? 

One pooped puppy and her pooped out photographer. It appears that John likes taking pictures too. 

1 comment:

Amy Junod said...

Awe, it's nice to have napping buddies.

That plant in a Yucca plant. We have a lot of them here in Texas. In the spring and fall they have beautiful while blooms on long stems.

I love the shot of the car with the cloud of dust behind it.