Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Try This

I want to effusively thank the anonymous person that suggested this trick to keep those pesky heavy blankets off your toes. Because there's times when even a sheet hurts. It goes like this and costs nothing:

See what I did there? First, tuck your sheets and blankets in snugly at the foot of the bed. Then take a firm pillow and jam it under the covers so that it's standing up on edge. I would have used a photo that showed my feet happily snuggled in there but my pedicure is not particularly attractive right now.

You're welcome.


Anonymous said...

It's genius ! I have to try these. You know I was at the podologist (not sure of the name in english, the doctor to look at your feet and feet nails?) and I said that I come to see her, before the sheet hurt my nails, I said that as a joke, thinking that a sheet that hurt, it must be stupid, when I'm feeling it I think I'm really stupid, that it's not really possible you know? Like I'm dreaming or imagining it. But to my surprise the doctor said that I was right to do it, I should even come before that, and I was like "what ? I'm not the only one who feel the sheet?? It's a real thing??" you can't imagine how much releved I feel after that.

Amy Junod said...

Great idea!
It's a real thing to US JazzCat!
This will be such a relief!