Monday, December 1, 2014

They're at it again..

So every year, my son and husband tell me the same thing: "We have the Christmas light show completely done. Not adding anything more. Nope."

And, every year they can't stand themselves and have to add something. The something this year is a real whopper: A new sixteen foot mega-tree. They decided to install this beauty during a high wind advisory, of course. Whew.

But they were successful! See for yourself:

Hey. Check out the video at 25 seconds. Gee. This reminds me of......something important historical event.

Maybe like THIS.

With apologies to the brave men actually in this picture. 

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Anonymous said...

Ha ha, love it, and especially the musical choice to go with the video! My husband put up our lights on Saturday in windy Wyoming, and already one section of his icicle lights have whipped enough to break! It was fun to see a video of some of your family's hard work in the preparation stage, and I am anxiously awaiting this year's video of the performance!