Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Did I Do That?!

So this is me yesterday after I did something bad. Very bad.

I've blabbed endlessly about our Christmas light shows, and was so happy that the thing was up and running yesterday.


Then I had the bright idea to improve it. In my defense, I did this while the show was supposed to be OFF. We usually have a small radio out on our porch quietly playing the songs to which the lights are choreographed. I noticed that it was missing this year so I took the radio out there, unplugged one -- just ONE STINKIN CORD -- and plugged it into an adapter that allowed me to get electricity to my radio.

We ALWAYS do this for people who walk over to see the festivities because otherwise they couldn't hear the music. People who drive up can listen to our music on their car radio broadcast via our very own itsy bitsy FM radio station. Cool beans.


So when the show automatically kicked in at 4:00pm, I was happy to hear the cheery Christmas tunes and looked outside expecting to see the lights flashing.


Well, they weren't. I mean, about ⅔  of them weren't.


I'm thinking I'm in serious trouble..........


I'm glad John is laughing. Whew.

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Unknown said...

Oh Julia, you poor thing! Just bake your guys some cookies and hopefully they will have it all working again in a jiffy!