Friday, November 7, 2014

To Grab or Not To Grab

Guys. You know that grabber thingie that I bought before my surgery? Y'all have been just dying to know how that's been working out for me, I just know it.

Humor me here people. I have no life at the moment...

So the grabber is proving to be capable of many things. Like taking apart that hideously difficult Halloween puzzle:

...and picking up zillions of doggie toys... can actually pluck Lulu treats right out of the bag...

....and securely grab a tissue...

...and procure medicinal frosty items. And ice packs too.


There's stuff that it simply is unable to do; or it's use would be just wrong. For example. John objects to me using the grabber to grab any part of him. Pffft. Party pooper.

I'm thinking that brushing my teeth using this thing would be problematic. Hey...maybe I could brush JOHN'S teeth. I'll have to ask him about that.

Lulu says that belly rubs given by this thing are completely unsuitable.

I would guess that it may be dangerous to try to play darts with this thing. But then, it's dangerous for me to play darts even without this thing.

I refuse to use my grabber to pour beer from John's newest kegerator flavor.

Even though my grabber can indeed open my dishwasher...

....and could probably handle the dishes, I'm thinking that doing dishes is not included in my recovery exercises.

Above all, I've learned to use my grabber safely. Grabbing and drinking don't mix. Don't ask me how I know this.

Let's all grab safely out there, people.

Hey. I wonder if there's a holster-type version of this thing.

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