Saturday, November 8, 2014


This is all that's left. 

I had a surprise visitor the other day. I was lolling around in my jammies thinking I should probably get dressed, and wondering what I should have for lunch when a familiar white minivan roared up the street and skidded to a halt in my driveway.

I might add that the van was sporting a brand new bumper.

Bev hopped out of the car laden with one of those re-usable grocery bags which was stuffed to bursting. I opened the front door to greet her and she blew by me talking all the way.

"Girl. I figured you were over here wasting away to nothing so I decided to bring you some prizes."

Bev calls treats and presents regardless of their type as prizes.

Wasting away to nothing?! Get your eyes checked, my friend.

She was telling me all sorts of things that I couldn't understand because she was buried up to her armpits with her head in the grocery bags. Occasionally I could make out a word here or there as she surfaced and tossed stuff onto my kitchen countertop. I watched open mouthed with amazement as the pile of prizes grew.

Here's what she brought, in the order of their appearance on my counter:

  • blow pop candy
  • a popcorn ball
  • a jar of lemon curd
  • a large box of those lacy coconut/chocolate cookies
  • a humungous steaming chicken and rice Qdoba burrito
  • a monstrously large diet coke and...
  • the last slab from a loaf of her home made zucchini bread

Wow, Bev! Thanks! It's.......amazing stuff! 

One never knows what Bev's prizes will contain. And she's always a font of surprising information as well. "Did you tell John about the most important post op instruction?"

Um. Which one, Bev?

"The one that says he should be feeding you peeled grapes as you recline on the sofa."

I love this woman. Oh, John, honey? Bev says......

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Heda said...

Now THAT is a friend.
PS Nothing better than a pyjama day!