Monday, November 10, 2014

Sjoggie StAHMer: Perfectionism and Christmas Cards

I'm thinking of going with a Christmas Tree card theme this year. 

Are you thinking about the holidays ahead?

Me, too.

So has Kristen, authoress of the Sjoggie StAHEMer blog. Her most recent post is insightful and practical, I think. Take a look:
The thought of the holidays and a huge super fun vacation coming up (and all the planning that entails for me to travel with all my extra issues) leaves me feeling excited and panicky at the same time. I've slowly come to realize that something had to give. I started thinking about things that I would be willing to give up to make things easier on myself and thought of the perfect thing! I'm giving up Christmas cards this year. Writing all those cards out and licking every single envelope sounds like torture to me at the moment. With my arthritic hands and lack of moisture in my mouth, not sending out cards sounds like the perfect thing to do to help save myself some stress in the next two months....
Head over to read the post in it's entirety here.

Are you modifying some of your holiday traditions?

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