Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Going Somewhere

John has claimed Goldie as his work car for awhile, so I took the SUV. 

Guys. Yesterday was an awesome day.

I'm officially two weeks post-op, and I'm still amazed at the difference in my pain levels since post op day one. I won't kid y'all -- that first week was pretty tough. Not that I didn't expect this, I think that I was given pretty accurate information about my recovery. But anticipating and then actually experiencing that kind of discomfort are two different things....

So yesterday was awesome because I realized that it had been a full forty eight hours since I took a pain pill. And that I also noted with delight that I could get in and out of bed without batting an eye. I modified an idea from fellow sjoggie Alisande and had perfected my "stuff the ice pack down the back of my yoga pants" maneuver. I had ventured out of the house a few times to change up my walking every two hours routine. All in  all, things were looking good, I thought.

After breakfast yesterday, I thought about the day ahead and buoyed  by a cup of coffee, decided that the time had arrived to really take my new back for a test-drive.

I'll spare y'all the thankfully boring details of my trip to the grocery store but can sum it up in one word:


I arrived home tuckered out but with a non-numb foot and leg. And minimal pain. I anchored my tush to the couch and stuck a cold pack on it. Tomorrow will tell if my outing happened too soon.

And, um, John honey? I just want to emphasize that my discharge instructions did not specifically state how long I should not drive.....

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Nicole said...

Awesome!!! I'm so glad that your new back is acting like it should. :)