Friday, November 14, 2014

More Lulu Attire

Yesterday we -- like a great deal of the US -- were pelted with an early snowfall and chilled by freezing temps.

I'm not ready for this yet. I'm still wondering how I missed Halloween.

I decided that all I could do was fire up one of my Christmas candles and stay indoors.

While it was fine for John and I to hunker down indoors, the fact still remained that Lulu needed to take an occasional trip outside. So I dug out her snowsuit from last year. She was less than thrilled to be stuck with another item of doggie clothing.

Really? You want me to wear this stupid thing and go OUT THERE?

It's so cold the velcro won't stick! 

John to the rescue. 

Lulu, girl. Just do your thing and get it over with, then come on inside!


Heda said...

LOL every dog loves to wee and/or poop in company.

Amy Junod said...

The shot of her glaring up at you is priceless. I would watch your rubbery valuables. That looks screams revenge.

BTW, did your mouth guard ever turn up?