Thursday, November 13, 2014

It Won't Happen Again, Lulu...

 Check out the look Lulu gave me yesterday.

This is not a happy woogie look. Want to know why I'm in deep doggy doo-doo?

Because I attempted to put these on her:

Yes. Doggie jammies.

Silly me. What on EARTH was I thinking? You're right. They're quite undignified, Lulu my girl. I will return them ASAP. Promise.

Hm. Maybe I should order the ones with the yellow duckies on them....


Sjoggie Shannon said...

My beagles love Doggy Jammies!! In the winter, I have trouble getting them to let me take them off so they can be washed. LuLu doesn't know what she is missing!!

Shara from Seattle said...

Yuck! Lu Lu may not be a fashionista but gawd, baby prints? My granddaughter Bella the beautiful sweet pit that my daughter owns has a sweatshirt that she really likes. It's pink true but she looks her age.

Hey serious now, are you going to explain the new SS test that UB researchers are going to market? They have found more anti bodies for sjoggies that the ro thing and whatever the other one is. It's so darn exciting Julia! They are going to hand the tests out to eye dr.s and dentists and regular docs so that women will be detected earlier before it gets this bad for us. Go read it and explain it to me. What are the other anti bodies? Hope you are healing, laughing and loving and I'll talk to you later. Shara