Saturday, October 11, 2014

Yet Another Sjogren's Blog! Bubble Girl

A few days ago, I blogged about a Sjogren's blog, Blackbird at Night. And now I'm happy to report that I've discovered another! It's entitled Bubble Girl: Surviving Sjogrens and Food Allergies, and written by Christina. I thought a recent post, How Has Chronic Illness Been Treating You? contained some useful strategies to assist us when a new symptom of our disease presents itself:

.......I ask myself questions to get to the bottom of how I'm feeling about the new addition and ways I can strategize a plan of action. Here are some questions to ask yourself when faced with a new health crisis:

1. Will this affect my basic living needs ( eating, sleeping, shelter, dressing,social)?

2. Are there ways to treat this without medication?....continue reading here. 

You can find these blogs added to my Links sidebar.

Do you write a Sjogren's blog? Do you read another Sjogren's blog? If the author blogs with some regularity and the content generally stays PG rated, I'd be happy to add it to my list of useful links. 


Christina said...

Ahh.. Thank you, Julia!I appreciate the share and your kind words.

Donnie White said...

That is a very illuminating breakdown of the things we'll have to look in dealing with our health cases. You should always be attuned by factors, both medical as well as social, as those are bound to play out in ways that pose new possibilities and strains. Most especially when it comes to picking a real wise health insurance plan. Thanks for sharing that!

Donnie White @ Good & Associates Insurance Services