Sunday, October 12, 2014


So I'm having one of those days when my brain just doesn't want to connect the dots.

To anything.

I figured if that's the state of affairs, I may as well roll with it. Today's post contains a few pictures that have no relationship to each other. At all. They're here just because I like them.

So in the above 20+ year old picture, my dad  is giving my cousin some advice, which my uncle obviously thinks is pretty questionable in it's value. Since I was the recipient of this and much more advice as well, it may help explain why I am how I am.

Moonrise over my friend Denise's place.

A whole gaggle? flock? of turkeys populating my kitchen windowsill.

See y'all tomorrow.

1 comment:

Kelly said...

A gang or rafter of turkeys. I looked it up for you because miraculously, my brain is connecting dots today! Yours looks like a gang of gorgeous gobblers to me. Now I better go do some serious work while the grey matter is humming...