Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Only Way I Can Do it.....

Several readers have asked recently how I manage to travel with Sjogren's. "What's your secret?" they've asked. 

Well, to be honest, the only reason that I am able to get out and about is that I have John. I'm so fortunate that he can be flexible with his vacation hours, he's patient, he's willing to do all of the heavy lifting, and completely understands when my health causes our plans to change. He knows me so well that I swear he can read my mind: when I'm exhausted and need to leave a social situation and our eyes meet, I need never say a word. He makes tactful and rapid good-byes and whisks me out the door. 

If I had to travel without him, I suppose I could manage short trips rarely; but the kinds of vacations we have taken would never, ever happen if I had to go alone. 

I'm blessed. 


ShEiLa said...

Blessed indeed.

My hubby Tony has done the same for me... Always driving me. This year his 3 brain surgeries have only helped me appreciate him more. Especially when we live an hour from the hospital and I have had to drive myself back and forth. Not easy.

Nicole said...

Traveling is the toughest thing for me, since I'm usually solo. You've got a great man!

Christine said...

I say the same thing as we do a good number of day and weekend trips. It's all about the husband.... :-)