Tuesday, September 2, 2014

There and Back Again

Gee, guys. I meant to tell y'all where we went; didn't mean to leave that little bit of info out of my last post!

We drove east along the Columbia River gorge till we hit the Blue Mountain range; then went into southern Idaho and Northern Nevada. It was beautiful but very hot and as expected -- very very dry.

When we headed Goldie west and as the climate changed from arid to the wonderful lush Pacific Northwest, I felt my whole body sigh with relief as the moisture rushed back to my eyes and lungs and skin.

So much fun to travel; so many good memories; but so good to be home.

I'm going to take time to rest up for a few days, so to those that have emailed questions to me, I think it would be wise to allow my brain to recover before I respond. Otherwise my answers would be even more silly than usual.

Heading to bed. See y'all tomorrow.

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