Friday, August 1, 2014

Don't Miss This: Dr. Sarah Schafer Addresses Fatigue

Wouldn't it be GREAT if conquering fatigue were this easy? Image found on Wikipedia

I want to alert ya'll to a series of upcoming posts beginning on Monday Aug 4th authored by Sarah Schafer, MD.

Dr. Schafer is a patient with Sjögren’s and an advocate for the Sjögren’s Syndrome Foundation. Previously, she was a public health physician focused on child health, family planning, and STD for the city of San Francisco and Contra Costa County. She has recently written an excellent article published in The Rheumatologist found here entitled Under the Radar: A physician–patient’s experience with Sjögren’s syndrome.

I have enjoyed getting to know Sarah over the years and appreciate the perspective that she brings as both patient and health care provider. Sarah has told me that one of the most disabling symptoms of Sjogren's for her has been the fatigue:
Sicca symptoms are important. I know this firsthand, having severe dry eye disease, including a painful neuropathic component. However, what impacts my life the most is the disabling flu-like fatigue that is seen in 70% of primary Sjögren’s patients. This is not normal exhaustion that can be managed with rest and recovery. Because of fatigue, I have had nothing resembling a normal life for the past 11 years.
She has shared her experiences, her exhaustive examination of current research, and the resulting coping strategies in a series of three essays entitled Managing Sjogren's Fatigue, the first of which will be posted here on Monday.

I can't wait for you to read them.

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