Thursday, July 31, 2014

Behaving Myself

Hmm. That profile looks suspiciously familiar.....  Vampire image found on Wikipedia

I feel like a vampire.

My doctors have told me repeatedly that the most important thing that I can do to minimize the effects of my cutaneous lupus is to stay indoors. Period. This is hard.

I probably got more sun than I should have out at the coast even though I took serious precautions with clothing, hats, sunscreen, and living in the shade. But the gradual improvement in my rash that I had noted earlier seemed to come to a standstill since we've been there. So today I was a good girl and didn't even put one toe outdoors until evening.

Hence that vampire sensation: I avoid the daylight and I'm preoccupied with blood samples.

Are those FANGS I see in the mirror??


Heda said...

You have my sympathy. I had a sunlight thing going on for a few years. Any bright day would make me completely blind without sunglasses. I used to call it a whiteout. And believe me it was a complete whiteout. Scared the living day lights out of me (no pun intended oh well maybe a little one!). Plus the sick feeling, headache, butterfly rash, ra ra ra. Then I started taking saffron capsules. Took a couple months and the sunlight sensitivity is greatly improved. Not totally gone but I can live with it. Was it the saffron? Who knows but I ain't willing to test it by giving it up now.

Unknown said...

You have my sympathies. I've been telling my husband for years that I think I'm a vampire! If I'm out in the sun for any amount of time, I get a headache, burn easily and am always squinting even with sunglasses over my transitional regular glasses. Since discovering that I have Sjogren's, it explains a lot now that I look back over the years, knowing the symptoms. Good luck with hiding out inside. :)

KKG said...

Julie - I had this image several years back when I was diagnosed with Vitiligo. Not much going in the sun with that. The one thing I miss is the feel of air on my skin. Yes, we are creatures of the night...