Saturday, July 26, 2014

Tasty Side Effects

Whew. My cutaneous lupus is receding slowly but surely. I'm sure this is largely due to the dose of my second prednisone burst and taper. It's a bit too early to tell if the Cellcelpt has any effect.

We all know that prednisone is a very very mixed blessing. Bless you, whoever invented prednisone.

I love the therapeutic result after ingesting those bitter white pills: itching, redness, joint pain magically fade. And I am currently enjoying the nervous energy that accompanies them as well. But, dang. The risk of osteopenia, diabetes, and a myriad of other nasty side effects of it's long term use can't be ignored. When I'm on these doses of pred, I have a tremor. Which is not fun for the most part.


Yesterday, it came in rather handy. I dolled up in a long sleeved blouse, a hat, and sunscreen and ventured out to our yard and realized that we had some blueberries that were just begging to be picked and devoured. Using my super-pred powers, I had those puppies picked, rinsed, cleaned, and drained within minutes. I planned to bake a batch of blueberry crumble bars, and some refrigerator-dough macaroons embellished with a chocolate dunking and drizzle. I think I'll take them with us when we head out to the coast later this weekend.

No energy left over for the apple pie. Ah, well...

So my shaking hands made the dunking and drizzling a breeze. Not pretty -- but got the job done.

Yes, Terese. These are going out to the coast with us. But I only made one dozen. 

And it was a snap to crumble and sprinkle the crust and topping for the blueberry bars.

Every cloud has a silver lining, they say.

Oh, yeah. Love those silver linings.


Sue said...

Your baking looks delicious. Have a lovely weekend. Hope the cellcept works for you.

Jen Vandever said...

Yum - they look wonderful. And I hope the treatment works and you feel better soon!

annie said...

I just had a similar conversation with one of my friends about our meds and side effects. She has fibro and chronic fatigue syndrome (like me), whose doctor is now starting to suspect she might have......sjogren's!! She just lost all her teeth due to dry mouth. I gave her some info from your site to help her along this complicated journey.Hope your treatment works for you, Julia.

On the lighter side, your baking looks scrumptious, it's giving me want to do some baking of my own. Thanks.

Amy Junod said...

I swear I can smell that yummy stuff.

Enjoy your day!

Christine said...

I am SO familiar with the pred-super powers. Looks yummy!