Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sjoggie StAHmer: Mommy Guilt Takes a Vacation

I thought this post from Sjoggie StAHmer was particularly good:
7 Things My Daughter Gets Out of Me Being Chronically Ill 
My mommy guilt has taken a vacation lately. It could be because I haven't had many "bad" days recently, so I haven't had many opportunities to feel the guilt creep up on me and nestle into my chest as I lay on the couch. Or maybe I've just matured a bit. Ha! My bet is on the first one! I recall a few years ago, a helpful reader sending a very special comment my way that was so uplifting in regards to raising a child while dealing with an auto immune disease. I still remember it and without the haze of mommy guilt hanging over me I can now see the wisdom of it. Anyway, on to my list...continue reading here
My post yesterday was about Treats. Mmmmmm...blueberry bars.....


Actually it was supposed to be about finding the silver lining in my autoimmune cloud. It appears that Kristin has been thinking along those same lines. Check it out.

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Blogger Mama said...

Absolute true story there Julia!! Things always seem much better, to me, when I'm looking for the positive.