Thursday, July 3, 2014

Rash Report

Image found here. I hope this stuff works.

I wanted to give y'all an update on my cutaneous lupus. Because I'm certain that everyone out there really, really wants to know how my blotches are faring. (New ones of which have sprouted on my SCALP and EAR, for cryin' out loud.. )

I couldn't see Dr. Young Guy. What nerve he has to go on vacation while I'm sitting over here scratching furiously... So I saw another physician. Although I wouldn't consider switching doctors, I have to say that this woman was quite impressive.

There's some things that women just GET. Not that Dr. Young Guy isn't compassionate, he really is, but after this woman took a good look at every square inch of me she sat back and tsk tsk-ed. "You must be miserable! I'm so sorry!"

Which was nice to hear because I am miserable. We had a lengthy discussion and came up with a plan of action which included changing my blood pressure medications, getting some lab work, giving me some IV Solu-Medrol -- a steroid -- and prescribing a burst and taper prednisone course. I felt very reassured to have a plan because I was feeling extremely frustrated once again with my dumb stupid autoimmune disease-riddled body.

But what really impressed me was that when I told her that I was planning on attending a wedding in about a month, her eyes widened. "Oh, no! What are you going to wear? Long sleeves and high necklines wouldn't be comfortable for August!"

See? See? Is that awesome, or what?

I think I'll spend the rest of the day watching my splotches. Because I'm sure that they're going to be going away any second now. I'll keep y'all posted.


ShEiLa said...

I hope the splotches are all gone before the wedding. Good luck !

Unknown said...

Julia it sounds like she is sure working hard to get you some relief. I too hope all is well by the wedding.

When I called my GP for my Shingles, the nurse wouldn't talk to my doc and said there were no appointments for that day and suggested I go to one of the doc-in-the-box. This of course made me a bit angry, but I did, and guess what? The doc-in-the-box was very nice, commiserated with me, and even said he wished we knew more about autoimmune diseases, and that he was especially interested in autoimmune issues. I sure wish HE could be my GP!! It is amazing how much comfort a simple "I'm sorry" that you are having trouble can provide!

Jan said...

I feel for you.... that does look like it would drive you nuts. Miserable sounds mild.

I was just curious what type of doc this woman was.... was she a gp, or a rheumy, or ? Just that she is trying so many things, instead of just saying "here, get this lotion". It's great!!

annie said...

Wow, it's spreading? It's sounds like you're having a really bad flare. Has something changed in your,meds,soaps, stress? Hope you can get it under control by the time you have the wedding. Trust another woman to understand your clothing dilemma!