Wednesday, July 23, 2014

It's Baaaaaack!


Last week I had a telephone appointment with the doctor that prescribed prednisone to ease me out of my cutaneous lupus rash craziness. When she called, I was effusive in my thanks. "I feel sooooo much better! The rash has really faded but the best thing is that I don't have to sleep with my back scratcher clutched in my fist!"

She chuckled and said that she was glad. And that was that.

Until I finished my prednisone taper and was back to my 5mg/day ongoing dose. FOUR DAYS after our phone call, yes FOUR DAYS later, I noticed with dismay that it seemed as though things were definitely firing up again. And now, another five days past that ridiculously optimistic phone conversation,  I'm sleeping with the back scratcher again.

This is not good.

So everything that was red and itchy and hot has resumed it's prior state. And there's a few new spots thrown in for good measure. It seems as though this awful thing is moving higher and higher up my neck, which is really hard to camouflage, and even harder to keep the sunscreen applied.

I'm seeing another rheumatologist today, (Paging Dr. Young Guy. Paging Dr. Young Guy. Get back from vacation already! Cease and desist spending precious family time with your wife and kids in the good ol' summertime! Julia is rashy!) I'll let y'all know what she has to say.

I think I'll go take another oatmeal bath. Has anyone tried making their own oatmeal bath without buying those ridiculously overpriced packets at the drugstore?


Amy Junod said...

Maybe this will help?

Hope you feel better soon.

Annette said...

I used oatmeal bath for my kds with chicken pox and then we left it sitting in the cupboard for a looong time. Did you know that it can get weevils? That was a bad bathroom experience!
It was great that the cortisone started off good. Hope Dr Young Guy is inspired


AutoimmuneGal said...
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AutoimmuneGal said...

I'm a fan of the colloidal oatmeal baths too for a variety of skin problems. Definitely does keep some itching at bay. Had to use it earlier this week.

Haven't tried to make it myself, but excellent idea!! Looks like it's just very finely ground oatmeal. Let us know how it goes if you try prepare it yourself.