Thursday, July 24, 2014

Best Advice Ever

The good advice (original title: Le bon conseil), by Jean-Baptiste Madou, found on Wikipedia here. 

Joe Reddington has written an amazing post entitled Your past self is on your side. So do nice things for your future self:
My Google Calendar emails me. It’s incredibility good for the soul. 
When I am ill with a cold, I put a event in my Google Calendar saying “Take a moment to really enjoy being able to breath though your nose”.  A couple of months later my email goes ‘ping’ and I do.  I really do take a moment to enjoy being able to breath though my nose, it’s wonderful – you should try it now.   
These sort of emails pop up every so often.  “Enjoy being able to move your shoulder”,  “Isn’t it great not having a mouth ulcer?”...continue reading here.
I think this is brilliant. As a matter of fact, I'm going to open my Google Calendar and add my own brand of good-for-the-soul stuff. like:

  • Aren't you glad you don't look like a leper at the moment?
  • Isn't it great not sleeping with a back scratcher?
  • The Teavana cup from Terese and Emily makes great tea, doesn't it? (Please don't break it anytime soon.)
  • Oooo. All those pills in my pill box are such pretty colors...

I guess I could also put stuff in there that helps me re-assess things. Especially after yesterday's appointment: Like:

  • So how's your new immunosuppressant Cellcept working for ya?
  • Don't you just love lots and lots of prednisone?
  • I'm pretty sure that my hair will grow back where my scalp blotches were...

Thanks for the great tip, Joe.

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Joe said...

Thank you - lovely to know people are reading :)