Saturday, July 5, 2014

Fab Autoimmune Frocks

I've been keeping my girls up to date with every gruesome issue with my rash, because if a mom can't kvetch with her daughters, well.....that would be just sad. So after bending D#1's ear for I'm certain what seemed like forever to her, she wanted to know what was the worst symptom of all these blotches. I told her it was the very painful sensation of clothing rubbing against those angry red things. And itching would come in at a strong second. Definitely.

"So what are you wearing around these days?"

Cotton long sleeved t shirts. Hats. Long pants. Not fun.

"Oh, hey Mom. Wouldn't it feel nice if you could just roll yourself up in a big cotton ball? And it would be all squishy and soft and comfy?"

Sure! Hee. You get on making one of those outfits for me right away, honey! .::snort::.

Guess what appeared in my inbox that evening:

Awww. She drew one for Lulu, too. Love the cotton-ball coordinating hats.

1 comment:

Amy Junod said...

Awe! Love it! She's so talented. And wouldn't that be the comfiest?