Friday, June 20, 2014

My Back's Birthday Present

Guys. Remember my post a few days ago when I ordered my birthday presents? The last of them came yesterday, and it's a goodie.

I love digging around in the dirt but I promised my physiatrist that I would take better care of my back these days. And the weeds in my back yard are just begging to be pulled and tossed in the lawn recycle bin. Yes, they are. I wake up in the morning and I HEAR them:

Juuuuullllliiiiaaaaaa.....nanernanernaner! We're out here just sucking up all the nutrients and water and good stuff from the dirt that you think is going to your blueberry bushes. And roses. And zinnias. 

Then they blow me raspberries. Weed versions of raspberries. Honest. Thhhhbbbbtttt! 

Ah, but now that this beauty has arrived, I plan on silencing those weed stinkers.

I got mine here. 

It's called a Rocket Weeder, and I gave it a test drive as soon as I unpacked it. This thing works, people. I don't have to bend over.  I just step on the lever, tilt the thing backwards, and up comes the weed.

Take THAT, you little green garden gremlins.

Then, I give another button a push and the nasty little flora critter gets dumped into a bucket. Sweet. Now all I need is some cloudy days so that I can get outside and wage my weed war.


Unknown said...

Nice!!! We have blackberry, dewberry, and greenbriar bramblers that pop up everywhere! My poor neglected flower beds have really sufferd over the last few years....the roots run deep underground, but this would certainly help curtail the spread! It's hard to keep up with them. I told my friends I'm ready to bulldoze the whole yard and go back to plain grass. He thought I'd lost my mind, but, we have 8 acres behind us, 1 acre around the house. So, the flower beds I had created before the psoriatic arthritis hit are not "small".

Sue said...

Hi Julia, where did you get that from?

Unknown said...

Thanks for the update. I might look into one of those. I also like the idea of different presents for different areas of my body. My mouth really wants some ice cream. Coldstone Birthday Cake Remix, to be exact!! And of course my back wants the week thingy. My ears want earrings,.....I think you see where this is going, LOL

Julia Oleinik said...

Hi Sue -- I found it on Amazon. The link is located directly under the picture.