Friday, May 23, 2014

We've Arrived

AAaaaand the answer to yesterday's quiz is, as everyone guessed correctly, Duluth Minnesota.

.::ding ding ding ding ding!:.

Yes, that is a far distance from Portland Oregon as someone noted. We stayed at a lovely upscale hotel/lodge and several of the pictures from yesterday's post were taken from our hotel window.  I love hotels that combine luxury with rustic beauty.

Today, we headed further east, and the landscape changed from piney woods and big water to gently rolling hills populated by deciduous trees just beginning to leaf out.

I will be without reliable internet access for the next several days. I will still post something every day but it will be from my phone, which means that the posts will be brief and won't appear promptly at 12:30 am Pacific time as they are usually set to do. This post is being written from a Saint Paul  Applebees restaurant (with free wi fi, woo hoo) and will be auto published on Friday am. By the time y'all will be reading this I will be probably just waking up to a lovely north woods morning and just outside our bedroom window, Lake Julia (yes, that's really it's name) will be sparkling in the sunshine. I'll pour myself a cuppa and pad out to the dock in my flip flops. I'll squint into the sunshine and scan the glassy lake surface for the pair of loons that claim this lake as their own. And after that, who knows?

See you tomorrow.

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Nicole said...

Beautiful! Enjoy. :) I'll be on the North Shore this August at our family cabin. It's such a special place!