Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Sometimes You Just Have to Avoid Stupid

I spend so much time wah wah wah-ing on Reasonably Well, y'all may have trouble remembering all of my reasons for whining. Today's belly-aching refers to issues that I've had with my feet since what seems like FOREVER. My complaining today is even more pathetic in nature because my feet feel just dandy these days. I just feel the need to gripe because of what I have to wear on my feet to make them happy.

I think I've spent a fortune on shoes over the last couple of years. And I've quit wearing many of them either because I've worn them out....


I choose not to wear them because they're just stupid looking. There's no other way to describe them. Take a gander at these beauties:

Guys. After my trip to the podiatrist, he informed me that these three models of shoes would comprise my entire footwear wardrobe until I gave in and had a bunion and hammer toe surgery.

I was appalled. The sneakers -- not so terrible. But these black and tan size 10 ½ monstrosities?? No.

Actually,  that would be HELL no.

But it appeared that I had little choice and the shoe guy that fitted me for them and made my custom insoles was stern."Now. Don't ever go barefoot. And wear one of these pairs of shoes and nothing else."

He looked me straight in the eye. "Deal?"

 I don't remember exactly what words I used to reply, but they basically were WAH. WAH WAH WAH! He calmly threw my old shoes into a box and laced up my new ones.

I was a whiney but obedient patient, though. Funny how discomfort is such a motivating thing. And, Podiatrist and Shoe Guy were right: my feet do feel a zillion times better when I wear these dumb stupid things around. But after clomping into church with them on for several months, I waited until I knew that Shoe Guy wouldn't be in his store, and made a covert visit. I chose a salesperson there that was a woman.

I figured that she would be totally on my side here. I pleaded with her to offer just one other style of shoe that would accommodate my custom inserts and wouldn't be really, really, bad for my feet. But most of all -- wouldn't look completely stupid.

She looked around the store surreptitiously, then motioned me to follow her to a display. "These are actually pretty close to what you need. They have a really deep and wide toe box and have removable insoles so that you can put your orthotic ones in there. But they really are more attractive than the ones your doctor prescribed. Want to try on a pair?"

I slipped them on. Ahhhhh. The heavens opened. Angelic choirs sang. A golden shaft of light descended from the clouds.

Alegria Paloma Mary Jane image found here

My feet were comfy. And while I realize that there's no shoe on the face of this earth that could make my huge feet appear dainty, while wearing these shoes my feet looked slightly less than totally stupid. Brilliant!

As she was ringing up my sale, the saleswoman leaned over the counter and quietly told me that I was NOT to divulge to my doctor that she recommended a shoe other than the ones he prescribed. She winked.

Mum's the word, I promised. And gave her arm an appreciative squeeze.

Sometimes men just don't appreciate the importance of not looking ridiculous.

I've worn these puppies almost every day since, and my feet still love them. How's that for a happy ending? I think it's time to get another pair. I'll have to sneak back into the store when Shoe Guy isn't there....

Woo hoo! Perhaps I can avoid foot surgery with these on my tootsies.


stephanie said...

Julia, I have a pair of Alegrias, too, and they are more comfy than slippers or tennis shoes. All winter long I have worn my Alegrias and my Danskos. I can only wear Dansko XPs, because the XP has a cushy foot bed; the regular Dansko's foot bed is too hard.

Angana said...

I love these types of athletic style Mary Janes! I have a couple of pairs by NAOT that are comfortable and contribute to a steady gait and healthy feet while still looking feminine and stylish. Wish there were more lady podiatrists out thwre to recommend them for their lady patients!