Monday, March 10, 2014

I'd Guess We're Good for Another Dozen Years or So....

Yesterday, as John was hanging off a too-tall ladder, he remarked that these days he thought he was in better shape than he was back when he was in his '40s. Since we're both in our mid 50's, I thought that was pretty impressive.

I wish I could say the same thing, but gee. It's good that one of us feels that way.

The incident that prompted his reflection on the state of his fitness was a project on this window in our foyer.

The problem wasn't the window, but the retractable window shade that's attached to it. About a dozen years ago -- seriously -- I decided that I simply couldn't survive in this house without a remote controlled window shade. The thought of loooong shade cords or even worse: a STICK control was unthinkable.

We really do need to be able to shade that window since it faces southwest; and the late afternoon and early evening sun can quickly heat up this house.  So we splurged and got the shade.. and it's been working for all those years on the same set of batteries. Wowsers.

We figured the batteries must have finally pooped out about two months ago, and yesterday for some inexplicable reason, John decided the time had come to plug some new ones in. I had tried to convince my son-in-law awhile back to climb up there since he loves doing that kind of stuff. I remember one Easter in particular seeing him atop one of our thirty to forty foot trees. My daughter had a conniption fit and ordered him down IMMEDIATELY. He said it reminded him of his happy childhood days spent climbing trees.

Perfect, I thought. S.I.L. is my man for the job. We didn't have time while they were here, so he promised that he would on their next visit.

But apparently his father in law beat him to the task. My job was to hold the ladder. Which is a good thing since there was no stinkin' way that I was about to even think of climbing 20 feet or so.

Lulu was a bit concerned about the project. 

John nimbly climbed up, popped out the old batteries, cleaned the window, and hopped down as if he were just taking a stroll in the back yard.

I told him he looked pretty good for an old guy, which is when he informed me that he had distinctly improved with age. He was pretty darned good when I met him, but I think I would agree with his self-assessment. For lots and lots of reasons. What a guy.

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ShEiLa said...

My hubby is in better shape now than he ever has been... P90X graduate... He puts me to shame. Even with severe hydrocephalus and an arachnoid cyst. I decided the inflatable brain I ordered will be given to him... With brain surgery the end of this month... He may need a back up.