Monday, February 3, 2014

Walking Sideways

Good thing I wasn't holding my Candlemas candle at the time. 

I am still flummoxed by this vertigo thing. There I was, walking around at church, feeling good, feeling steady, confident in my decision to leave my cane at home, when.....the world suddenly tipped 90 degrees.

I stumbled and teetered but thankfully could grab a pew before I fell flat. Just as suddenly as it hit, the vertigo left.

How does that happen? How can you prepare for that?


mcspires said...

I think we should wrap you in several layers of bubble wrap - you would look a bit like the Michelin Man, but you would be safe!

Joking aside, that must be absolutely terrifying when that happens!!!

Betsi said...

Julia, this doesn't sound like BPPV, which generally causes vertigo only when you change position. It never hit me if I was just up walking around, for instance, and I didn't have to worry that it might happen when I was driving.

Has your doctor ruled out Menieres?

Unknown said...

Sounds awful to have it come up so suddenly! I hope it gets better!

cargillwitch said...

YES! You've described EXACTLY what happens to me!
I go through phases of it, 4-5 weeks where it happens frequently and then it disappears for several months.
I have noted it seems to re-appear when I am having intense swellings of my parotids- almost up into my ears. Inner ear impacted? this is my working theory at this point as no one seems to be able to give me any other explanation. It is a very frightening experience however
- I have learned to move slowly and hold onto things as I walk around!